Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Parent Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Parent Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder

3 March 2017
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You might give very little thought to the changing seasons, but this isn't the case for everyone. While many people welcome winter, others feel depressed by it. This condition is often known as seasonal affective disorder, and while sufferers may feel better when spring arrives, the winter months can be downright miserable. If you have an elderly parent who deals with seasonal affective disorder, it can be a challenge for you to help by visiting him or her daily. Instead, think about hiring a home health aide who can provide a daily visit for companionship; this may help cheer your parent up. Here are some other ways that you can help your parent's mood.

Have The Aide Take Your Parent Out

Seasonal affective disorder may seem worse to your parent when he or she is stuck in the house. Many elderly people are leery of venturing outside during the winter because of a fear over falling. Ask the aide to take your parent out whenever it's possible. Getting some sun and fresh air can help your parent feel better, and he or she may also experience an elevated mood just looking forward to these regular outings.

Ask The Aide To Prepare Healthy Foods

When your elderly parent is already feeling down, he or she may tend to crave unhealthy foods. The concern with focusing on these foods, however, is that they can cause your parent to feel sluggish and tired, which may make him or her feel worse. Home health aides are adept at preparing healthy food for those in their care, so make it a priority to talk to the aide about cooking healthy meals for your parent. A wide range of nutrient-rich foods can prove valuable in your parent's battle against depression. These include spinach, fish, almonds, and more.

Make Time For Family Events

Even if you're busy over the winter, try to make time to visit your parent as often as you can. You'll find that he or she will eagerly anticipate these visits and view them as the high point of the day, which can be beneficial to combat the depression associated with seasonal affective disorders. You may wish to tailor your visits around the health aide's schedule so that someone drops over to see your parent daily. For example, if the aide visits Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you may choose to visit on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend.

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