Can Home Care Prevent Falls In Elderly People?

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Can Home Care Prevent Falls In Elderly People?

5 April 2021
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Elderly people have a higher risk of falling than their younger counterparts. Factors like poor vision and chronic diseases make seniors susceptible to falls in their home. Falls can lead to many types of injuries, from broken bones to head injuries, and land the elderly in the hospital. If you have an elderly parent, you may be concerned about him or her suffering a fall.

Believe it or not, hiring a home care worker may reduce your parent's risk of falling. Here's how.

A Home Care Worker Can Exercise With Your Parent

Regular physical activity can help your elderly parent improve their strength and balance, reducing the risk of falls. However, your parent may feel nervous about exercising alone. That is where a home care professional comes in handy. This healthcare professional can accompany your parent on walks, for example, and help him or her feel safe.

A Home Care Worker Can Remove Clutter

Cleaning up clutter in the home may be more difficult for elderly people. They may trip over items on the floor and suffer a serious fall. If you hire a home care worker, he or she can clean up clutter in your parent's home regularly, protecting him or her from falls. 

A Home Care Worker Can Remind Your Parent to Drink Water

Some elderly people might not realize how thirsty they truly are and become dizzy and tired, increasing their risk of suffering falls. A home care professional can remind your parent to drink several glasses of water throughout the day.

A Home Care Worker Can Help With Risky Tasks

There are certain activities that can increase the risk of falls in the elderly, such as taking a shower, doing the laundry or taking out the garbage. A home care worker can assist your parent with these tasks so he or she is less likely to suffer a fall.

A Home Care Worker Can Supervise Your Parent

If your parent suffers from memory loss, he or she may not remember to take safety precautions when doing certain tasks. A home care worker will be there to constantly watch over your parent and keep him or her safe.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways a home care professional can help your elderly parent avoid falls. If you are interested in home care for your parent, you should contact an agency that offers senior home care services right away.