What Are The Benefits Of Dementia In-Home Care Services?

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What Are The Benefits Of Dementia In-Home Care Services?

31 March 2023
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If you care for a relative or friend who has dementia, then you need to think about their current and future care needs. While they might need to move to a nursing home or dementia facility in the future, they might not be at that stage yet.

However, you might worry about how they will cope at home alone. You can make things more manageable by using in-home care services. What are the benefits of hiring carers?

Practical Help

People with dementia often lose the ability to do simple everyday tasks. They may forget to dress themselves, have regular meals, or put themselves to bed. They might not clean their homes as they used to.

Senior home care services provide a range of useful services here. Carers can provide personal care to help with bathing, hygiene, and dressing. They can come in a couple of times a day to get people out of bed in the morning and to then settle them down for the night.

Plus, you can use meal preparation services here too. Carers will come in at regular times to prepare food and make sure that people eat. They can also do a range of household cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Medication Management

If your relative or friend has to take regular medication, then you can't be sure that they can manage this care themselves. They might forget to take tablets. Or, they might take too many because they forget that they have already taken a dose earlier in the day.

In-home carers and nurses can go into their home at regular times during the day. They can ensure that they take their meds at the right times and check that they stick to the right dosage.


People with dementia are often lonely. They may not have the confidence or ability to leave their homes or maintain social relationships. They may become depressed.

You can hire in-home carers to provide companionship and social interaction services. This could be as simple as booking a carer to sit with your relative or friend while they eat. Or, they could visit their home for a cup of coffee or to watch TV a couple of times a week. They can chat and provide some company.

You can also arrange for carers to take people out of their homes. For example, you can hire a carer to take someone shopping, out for lunch, or for a walk around a local park.

Again, this provides useful social interaction. You also have the reassurance that the carer will make sure that your relative or friend gets home safely. This is useful if you worry about their ability to leave home and find their own way back again.

For more information, contact senior in-home care companies and ask about their dementia services.