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Ensure That Your Parent’s Final Days Are As Comfortable As Possible

4 September 2020
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Inoperable cancer that is terminal may be the disease that your parent has been battling for some time. Although many treatment methods could have been effective at first, the severity of the illness and the continuous spreading of the disease may have resulted in your loved one's oncologist recommending hospice care for the remaining months of your parent's life. Home May Be Where Your Parent Feels Most Comfortable If your mother or father has spent long stints in a hospital or if an influx of outside appointments seemed to be consuming their schedule, they may be ready to give up on the treatment and spend their remaining days where they feel most comfortable. Read More …

Do You Struggle With Leg Pain And Swelling? 4 Benefits Of Wearing Knee High Compression Socks

7 July 2020
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Leg pain and swelling occur for a variety of reasons. Younger women may develop these symptoms in response to the accumulation of fluids during pregnancy. Older adults might also experience leg discomfort due to vascular diseases or other conditions that affect blood circulation. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, such as on an airplane, is another contributing factor to these uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, you don't have to suffer from leg and foot pain when you understand these benefits of wearing compression socks. Read More …

When Mom Moves In: Tips For Managing In-Home Care Needs

8 January 2020
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Moving your elderly mom (or dad) into your home can be the simplest solution when they no longer want or need to live on their own. In most cases, this type of arrangement helps to relieve some of the stress on the adult child who is assuming the role of caregiver.  Instead of being torn between the management and care of two households, adult children who opt to include an elderly parent in their own home will be better able to budget their time and provide excellent care for both their own family and their parent. Read More …

4 Tips To Keep Bedsores Away

28 October 2019
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Seniors who have mobility issues, such as those who have recently had a stroke or have broken their hip, as well as those who routinely use a wheelchair are susceptible to bedsores. These skin ulcers happen because of excess pressure on areas of the body where the skin tends to be thinner, such as over the tailbone, hip bones, or elbows. Diabetics and people with decreased circulation are especially prone to developing bedsores. Read More …

Does Your Elderly Parent Need More Care?

28 June 2019
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Many people don't realize that at some point in their lives, they will need someone else to assist them in performing certain basic activities. While this may not be the case for you, it might be for one or both of your parents. As the someone closest to them, it's important that you recognize when your parents are in need of more care, because they may not realize this on their own or they may be reluctant to accept their situation. Read More …