Home Health Care Services For Disabled Children

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Home Health Care Services For Disabled Children

1 June 2023
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When people think about home health care, they tend to think of someone who is elderly or in hospice care. It is not often that thoughts go to the many disabled children that need home health care. There are children with various disabilities that have the need for partial or round-the-clock home health care. If your child is disabled, you may be wondering what home health care services are available to you. Here are some of the services and what to know about them. 

Medication Administration 

Medication administration can encompass several aspects of medication care. The main aspects this term covers deal with medication management and administering the medication at specified times and dosages. Keeping accurate logs of the medication, disposing of sharps such as needles, and ensuring safety protocols are taken during medication times are part of this care routine. If your child needs special breathing treatments or IV medications, the home health agency will ensure a caregiver that can provide these services. 

Companion Care

Many children who need home health care need some form of companionship. They need someone to play with them, to whatever degree that is. They also need someone to talk to and show compassion and attention. This is part of a companion care service that many home health agencies offer. The home health caregiver can attend to your child's needs as well as keep them company and offer them someone to show compassion and care when it is most needed. 

Daily Hygiene

One of the issues you may find most difficult with the care of your disabled child is hygiene. For a disabled child, hygiene can mean more than just daily bathing and brushing their hair and teeth. It can also mean cleaning tubes and ports that are designed for feeding and body waste. These areas must remain sterile and can be difficult for someone without the proper training to attend to properly. Home health care agencies have trained professionals that handle this type of care along with daily hygiene needs. 

These are just a few of the many home health care services available for disabled children. If you have specific needs for your child, discuss them with your local home health agency. They will match you with a home health aide that has the caregiving experience and skills required for your child. If you have any questions about insurance coverage or care needs, the agency can help answer those questions. 

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