Signs Your Senior Parent Needs Home Healthcare Services

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Signs Your Senior Parent Needs Home Healthcare Services

8 May 2017
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More seniors today are staying in their homes instead of making the move to nursing homes or assisted living facilities, and part of the reason for this is the wide availability of home healthcare services. If you are becoming concerned with your senior parent living all alone at home and are not sure if this is safe, you may want to consider hiring a home healthcare company to provide services for your parent. Here are three important signs to look for that indicate your parent is ready for some help.

Your parent's health seems to be declining

As people age, they will commonly begin experiencing more health problems. This is just a natural part of life, but seniors living alone at home may also experience declines in health for other reasons. For example, some seniors stop eating right. They may have trouble making food or getting to the store, or they might simply forget to eat. Other seniors may have health problems from not taking their medications as they should. If your parent's health appears to be weakening, he or she might benefit from in-home healthcare services.

Your parent has fallen or been injured

One risk seniors take when living alone is falling and not being able to get back up. Falls can happen to anyone, but the risks of seniors falling can be devastating. Seniors are more likely to break bones when they fall and have more trouble getting back up. If your parent has fallen recently, this could be a sign that he or she needs some help at home.

Your parent is calling you more frequently for help

A third sign that a senior may need some extra help at home is when he or she begins calling close loved ones for help more frequently. If your parent used to call you weekly for help and is now calling you every day, this can be a good sign that your parent is struggling getting by with everyday tasks.

Home healthcare workers help seniors complete normal daily tasks, and you can customize what the workers do while they are there. This can include helping seniors with meals, medications, personal hygiene activities, and even companionship.

If you notice these three signs, it might be time to contact a home healthcare company. To learn more about this or to schedule an appointment, call a company in your area that specializes in home healthcare services for seniors.