Getting Home Health Care Assistance For An Elderly Parent

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Getting Home Health Care Assistance For An Elderly Parent

12 June 2017
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Does your elderly parent have Alzheimer's disease and stroke complications? If he or she is in need of regular medical assistance and supervision but you don't want to consider a nursing home, hire a home health care  nurse to help. Depending on the type of medical insurance that your parent has, you might not have to pay for the nurse out of your own pocket. Having a nurse around to help throughout the day will give you a lot of security in regards to the well-being of your parent. This article provides information that will give you guidance on getting your elderly parent taken care of.

1. Find Out if Insurance Will Cover a Home Care Nurse

Contact your parent's health insurance company to discuss his or her need for a home care nurse. There are some insurance agencies that will only cover the fees for a nurse if someone is suffering from specific conditions. Be prepared to provide the insurance agency proof of your parent's medical condition if it is necessary. You can do so by obtaining documents from the physician that is in charge of treating your parent, or both physicians if there is more than one. The insurance agency should then be able to make a decision in a timely manner so your parent can begin receiving assistance from a home care nurse as soon as possible.

2. Discuss Hiring a Home Care Nurse with Your Parent

It is important for you to discuss hiring a home care nurse with your parent. Even if your parent is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and stroke complications, he or she should still have a say in hiring a nurse. If Alzheimer's disease is in the advanced stage and your parent is incompetent, simply mention that you are hiring a nurse so he or she will know. You should also explain why you are hiring a nurse, and the type of assistance that the nurse will be providing.

3. Get in Touch with a Home Health Care Agency

Contact a home health care agency to discuss the type of medical conditions that your parent is suffering from. A nurse can be sent to assist with caring for your parent on a daily basis if it is needed. Although there are numerous services that a nurse can provide, you can choose specific services if you are able to handle some of them on your own. For example, a nurse can bath, dress, feed, and keep your parent entertained. The nurse can also play memory games with your parent to assist with Alzheimer's symptoms, as well as exercise his or her limbs for stroke complications.